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250ml Prep & Polish + Remove

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250ml Prep&Remove
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Vixi Pre & Polish / Remove: Must have essentials to prepare your gel nails for a long lasting stick for no peeling and and no chipping, then a wipe to remove any residue leaving a perfect finish  

Vixi Nail Prep & Polish Wipe:

Vixi Nail Prep & Polish is a professional dual purpose product, preparing for a great adherence base and a high quality finish with UV/LED Gel Systems. 

  • Designed to sanitise the nail for preparation of your nail gel application.
  • Once the application is complete, wipe the top coat to remove any residue to bring out a high-quality finish and shine.
  • Suitable with all UV/LED Gel Systems.
  • Essential for all Gel applications.
  • Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9%, Aqua, Cl 42090

Vixi Gel Remover:

Vixi Professional Nail Gel Remover for all types of nail gel and polish.

  • Soaks off UV/LED Gel Nail Polish/Varnish, Acrylics, Nail Tips and Glues safely and gently
  • Soaks off gel polish in 10-15 minutes (TIP: use a file to rough the top coat which helps the remover soak in quicker)
  • Suitable with UV/LED gel systems
  • An essential product for easily removing gel nails without damage as some people use drills which grinds down your natural nail bed
  • Ingredients: 100% Pure Acetone, CI 60725


How to use Vixi Prep & Polish:

To prepare nails for the best adhesion of nail gel and finish: Dampen a lint free wipe with Vixi Prep & Polish, wipe each nail. Once the nails are dry you can then start your gel application and cure all layers. Once fully completed dampen a lint free wipe with Vixi Prep & Polish and wipe your gel polish cuticle to tip removing any residue, bringing out a beautiful finish.

How to use Vixi Remove:

Dampen a lint free wipe with Vixi Remover, place carefully over the nail and wrap each nail in foil for approximately 10-15 minutes depending on gel polish type and thickness. Remove foil and peel off the gel (or use a cuticle pusher to help remove nicely), if there is still some residue re-apply as required. Rinse hands thoroughly and dry, moisturise the nails and skin which may have been in contact with the remover and replenish your cuticles with some cuticle oil.

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