How To Guide

How to stick on my false nails for a perfect fit:

  1. Size each false nail up on each finger to find the best fit, you can file the sides and cuticle area for an accurate fit
  2. Clean hands, then cleanse nails of any oils using an alcohol-based prep wipe (By Vixi Prep & Polish in store) 
  3. Apply glue directly to the false nail
  4. Starting at the cuticle, press on and hold the nail down for at least 10 seconds until it is fully dry
  5. File and shape your new nails if needed
  6. ENJOY - Have fun creating your own designs!

    You can also pre design them before sticking them on



How to remove my false nails

  1. Cut down your artificial nails first before soaking them individually in Artificial Nail Remover until the nails start to soften
  2. Do not force or pull nails off as this will damage your own nails
  3. After gap between your real nail and false nail is created, soak again in nail polish remover and then use a paper towel to slowly work/wiggle off the fake nail
  4. To remove excess nail glue left behind by fake nail, dip paper towel in the nail polish remover rub on finger



How to remove Gel Polish:

  1. Break the seal of the top coat with a sanding file, completely remove the top layer for best results.
  2. Open the foil pack and soak the lint in pure acetone ('By Vixi Remove' in store), place the lint directly on the nail and then secure the lint placing the foil wrapper over the finger immediately to ensure the product does not evaporate and the heat is insulated in the wrap.
  3. Soak the gel polish for 10 minutes then check the status, if needed, soak for additional 5 minutes. Some colours may need additional removal time. 
  4. Remove the wraps from the fingers and gently push the gel off using a cuticle sick, any remaining residue can be wiped or gently buffed off.



By Vixi Prep & Polish Wipe:

By Vixi Nail Prep & Polish is a professional dual purpose product, preparing for a great adherence base and a high quality finish with UV/LED Gel Systems. 

  • Designed to sanitise the nail for preparation of your nail gel polish application
  • Once the application is complete, wipe the top coat to remove any residue to bring out a high-quality finish and shine
  • Suitable with all UV/LED gel systems
  • Essential for all gel polish applications

How to use:

To prepare nails for the best adhesion of nail gel and finish: Dampen a lint free wipe with By Vixi Prep & Polish, wipe each nail. Once the nails are dry you can then start your gel application and cure all layers. Once fully completed dampen a lint free wipe with By Vixi Prep & Polish and wipe your gel polish cuticle to tip removing any residue, bringing out a beautiful finish.


By Vixi Remove:

By Vixi Professional Nail Gel Remover for all types of nail gel and polish.

  • Soaks off UV/LED Gel Nail Polish/Varnish, Acrylics, Nail Tips and Glues safely and gently
  • Soaks off gel polish in 10-15 minutes (TIP: use a file to rough the top coat which helps the remover soak in quicker)
  • Suitable with UV/LED gel systems
  • An essential product for easily removing gel nails, becareful not to use a drill on the natural nail bed.

How to use:

Dampen a lint free wipe with By Vixi Remove, place carefully over the nail and wrap each nail in foil for approximately 10-15 minutes depending on gel polish type and thickness. Remove foil and peel off the gel (or use a cuticle pusher to help remove nicely), if there is still some residue re-apply as required. Rinse hands thoroughly, dry and moisturise the nails and skin which may have been in contact with the remover and replenish your cuticles with some cuticle oil.